About Us

Once upon a time, the unchurched youth of Englewood, Colorado needed ministry that the churches couldn’t fund, and Headwaters was born. We had no location, no transportation for the kids, no insurance, no oversight, no support…but once we said yes to God, all the needs were provided in under a week.

Our kids needed a lot of help, but above all, they needed to see how their lives made sense. So we gave them the Story.

Our curriculum grew from that humble beginning. We built the tools we neededfirst the basic curriculum, then workbooks, maps, illustrations, and moreand now it is our privilege to pass those tools on to others. We provide curriculum for schools, home schools, and churches, mostly based on telling the Story, and always focused on immersion and application.

Today we’re much more than a youth ministry, but proceeds from curriculum sales continue to fund our local ministry initiatives.