Small Group Series: Victorious

Take your church, small group, or Bible study group through the entire Bible. Each of the nine books in the Victorious series seamlessly leads your group through a portion of Scripture in 8-14 lessons.

The story of your life doesn’t start with your birth. It starts with “In the beginning, God created….” It continues through Abraham, Jesus, your breakfast this morning, and on to the day when heaven comes to earth. And then it really takes off.

This is the true Story of the world, and you need to know it — not just in your head, but in your heart, in your bones. As the Story gets into you, you learn to read the world, understand what God is doing, grasp your purpose, and ride the momentum of the Story in your own life.

We don’t just tell you the Story; we immerse you, as much as we can. We help you sing the songs, meditate on the laws, struggle with the proverbs and parables. We teach you to ask, “Why isn’t my life like this?” — and fix that.

This is what your life can be like. Dive in.