Bible Curriculum Sample Lessons


Delivering biblical content in the classroom makes no difference…unless it goes beyond the classroom. As pastors and teachers serving in a variety of contexts, we’ve struggled with that brutal truth just like you have. We went to the Bible looking for a solution, and what we found is so simple, we’re amazed we missed it for so long.

Too often, we see the Bible as a source of content, but it’s also a set of divinely inspired teaching strategies. We should sing the songs. We should meditate on the proverbs and parables. Above all, we should tell the Story. The Bible presents one continuous Story, with all the other content orbiting around it. It is the true Story of our world, the true Story of us.

Understanding the true Story is vital. Every day we make instinctive decisions based on the story that we think we’re living in. When the true Story is engraved on our hearts, then the content comes out of the classroom and into our lives.