He Shall Crush His Head (Part 2) – Teacher’s Manual


Follow Jesus as He fulfills all that a human being was meant to be. Marvel at His miracles, struggle with His parables, learn to live His teachings. Follow Him to the cross, where Jesus took every weakness, every sin, every sorrow, and even death into Himself. When He died, they died too, and He raised us all to new life — resurrection life for the whole world. Follow the apostles as they spread out into the world, carrying the good news that every person’s story starts with “In the beginning, God created…,” continues to a hill outside Jerusalem where the kingdom of darkness was defeated forever, passes through our lives and on to the day when heaven comes to earth in the New Jerusalem. Learn to join the apostles on their mission to follow Jesus and carry His message to the world.

Hardcover, 414 pages, 47 lessons, 39 full-color illustrations, 17 full-color maps.

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