The Path of the Wise – Teacher’s Manual


    The darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining. The story of our lives began with God creating the world and commissioning Adam and Eve to live in it as His image, but it continues past the Fall, past the Cross, to the resurrection life that Jesus HImself gives us so we can walk in His footsteps. Learn to navigate your life as a follower of the resurrected and ascended Jesus. Following Jesus as a priest, learn to pray well, and usher others into the presence of God. Following Jesus as a king, learn to understand your relationships well and handle friendship and conflict. (An optional unit on marriage and sexuality is included with this section.) Following Jesus as a prophet, learn to hear God speak, respond to Him in faith, and carry His good news of blessing and repentance to the world. An optional unit on apologetics is included at the close of the Prophet section for those who want to spend more time on defending the faith.

    Hardcover, 413 pages, 55 lessons, 54 full-color illustrations.

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