Worldview, Wisdom, and the Story of the Bible

Video Summary

Christian worldview teaching is structured in categories native to a university (Law, Economics, Biology, Philosophy, etc.). So even though the worldview teaching may be biblical in content, it certainly is not biblical in structure.

In fact, if we are going to take biblical language seriously in how we structure our worldview teaching, we will notice that the word worldview doesn’t even show up in the Bible. The closest concept is wisdom. Wisdom includes has a skill component as well as a knowledge component, while worldview is limited to the knowledge aspect. We want to make sure to teach worldview in such a way that it includes the enacting part of it; the skill component.

The backbone of the Bible is a story, so Biblical worldview must be communicated in story form. Furthermore, the Bible isn’t packaged in university language (thank God), it’s given in the categories of creation. That’s why Headwaters exists; to pass on the Biblical story in such a way that it becomes an enacted worldview in creation categories.

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